Making Use Of The Vertical Space In Self-Storage Units

Since self-storage units are charged by area, it makes sense to maximize the use of your area if you don't want to overspend on your storage needs. One area that people frequently forget to use properly is the vertical space. Here are some useful tips for maximizing the use of vertical space in a self-storage unit: Make Use of Open Shelves Shelves are probably the first things that come to mind when the use of vertical storage space is being discussed. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Having A Carport

Not all houses come with garages. That means that your car is just sitting out there in your driveway unprotected. However, you may be able to change that by putting in a carport.  Carports Unlike garages, which are an actual enclosed room with three walls and a door, a carport is usually a roof with supports. Generally, carports are open on at least two sides, but there are also metal enclosed carports. Read More 

High Quality Storage Units

Whether you are moving into a new home and do not have enough room, or you are just looking for a safe place to keep your belongings, a storage unit is a great option for your extra belongings. There are a lot of great storage units out there, but there are also storage units that are going to give you extra good service. There are aspects that you should look for in your storage unit facility. Read More 

2 Tips To Make Sure That Your Vintage Clothing Does Not Develop Mold While In Storage

A self storage unit is used as a popular place to keep vintage clothing because it helps to keep them shielded from any external elements. Vintage clothing that is stored correctly will come out of storage in the same condition in which it went in. However, if your favorite vintage pieces are not stored properly, then you may be greeted with mold damage when you remove them. Mold damage is difficult to care for in regular clothes and vintage clothing makes this even more difficult. Read More 

What Storage Unit Features Are Important For Your Stuff?

Do you have some valuable furniture that's too small for your new apartment? Maybe you have a few perfectly good kitchen utensils that are too big and only used occasionally, or some clothes for another season that you don't need right now. Storage units can give you the extra space you need for everything from clothes to consumer electronics, but there are different budget and feature levels to consider. Here are a few features to consider if you'd like to get exactly what you need, or don't want to miss out on something because of a low cost decision. Read More