Are You A First-Time Self Storage Customer? The Top Tips You Need Right Now

Is this your first experience with self-storage? Even though storage might seem simple, insiders know there are tips and tricks to making the most of this type of off-site option. Before you store, take a look at what first-timers need to know. You're in Charge Self-storage services are exactly what the name implies—storage services you are responsible for yourself. While some rental facilities provide full-service options at an additional charge, most require customers to move and organize everything themselves. Read More 

Tips For Storing Things When Moving Overseas

If you are moving overseas for some time, you should consider keeping your belongings in a self-storage unit instead of continuing to pay rent for a house. Self-storage typically costs less per square foot than residential properties. Below are a few tips you can use to store your belongings securely and inexpensively. Consider Storage vs. Repurchase Costs One of the first things to consider is what you should store and what you should get rid of. Read More 

Tips For Sharing A Storage Unit

Sharing a storage unit with friends who also need storage space is a good way to reduce storage costs. This is particularly true if you don't want to store too many things. However, sharing a storage unit can also create disagreements between friends if you don't go about it the right way. The following tips can help you share storage space without too many complications. Create Separate Inventories You need to know the items everyone wants to store in the unit and creating an inventory is the best way to do this. Read More 

Need A Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Guarantee A Smooth Experience

Needing extra space in your home is something that can lead to renting a storage unit when you are not willing to make a room look cluttered or part ways with certain possessions. But wanting to rent a storage unit does not automatically mean that you will have a smooth experience. By paying attention to lots of details, you can feel great about the storage company you rent from. Statements Read More 

Interested in Saving Money on Storage? 3 Tips for Finding the Best Rates

If you're just beginning the search to rent a storage unit, you may be wary due to some of the costs of renting a storage unit. When you've decided to rent a storage unit after getting frustrated with the lack of storage at home, you need to take care to look into what you can do to end up with the very best storage unit. In many cases, you could end up paying higher rates than you're comfortable with if you don't put in the time to compare storage facilities. Read More