Making Use Of The Vertical Space In Self-Storage Units

Since self-storage units are charged by area, it makes sense to maximize the use of your area if you don't want to overspend on your storage needs. One area that people frequently forget to use properly is the vertical space. Here are some useful tips for maximizing the use of vertical space in a self-storage unit:

Make Use of Open Shelves

Shelves are probably the first things that come to mind when the use of vertical storage space is being discussed. Note that open shelves are better than closed shelves because adding doors just occupies more space for nothing. Obviously, you will have to make use of temporary shelves because you don't own the storage unit and can't make permanent installations on it.

Hang Things on the Walls

Another useful tip is to hang things on the wall. This is especially suitable for long but light things that can be hanged from the walls with ease without causing any damage. If the walls are smooth and you can't hang anything from them, bring in your wardrobe racks and use them to hang clothes and accessories.

Hang Things from the Ceiling

It is not just the walls that can be used for hanging things; even the ceiling provides space from which things can be hung. Again, you don't have the authority to drive nails onto the ceiling of the storage unit from which you can hang things; you have to be innovative and use things that won't damage the unit. For example, you can use adhesive hangers or other stickers that won't damage the unit. Make sure you are only hanging items that cannot be damaged or deformed when hanged.

Stack Boxes

The simplest way to make use of the vertical space is to stack stackable items. For example, if you are using storage boxes, separate fragile, light, and heavy items and store them in different boxes. That way you can put the heavy and sturdy boxes at the bottom and stack the lighter or fragile ones on top.

Store Things Vertically

Lastly, you can also make use of your vertical space by standing things up vertically instead of laying them on their sides. Things like long pieces of furniture, tools, drums, and similar things will occupy more space if they are placed on their sides. Of course, you should know the length or height of these items, as well as the height of the storage unit, before taking them to the unit to avoid being stranded with items that cannot fit in the unit.

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