The Many Services Self-Storage Companies Offer

Self-storage companies provide a range of services and facilities that make it easy for individuals and businesses to store their belongings. These services vary depending on the company, but here are some of the most common services and features that a self-storage company offers.

Storage Units 

Storage units are the cornerstone of self-storage services. Self-storage companies offer a range of unit sizes, from small lockers to large spaces that can hold vehicles, furniture, or other bulky items. Customers typically rent these units on a month-to-month basis, which provides flexibility and convenience. 

This means customers can use self-storage for both long-term and short-term storage needs, making it an ideal solution for those in the process of moving or renovating, as well as for businesses that need to store inventory or equipment.

Security Features

Security is an important consideration for self-storage companies, and most companies offer a range of security features to protect their customers' belongings. These may include security cameras, gated access, individual unit alarms, and on-site security personnel. To ensure the security of individual storage units, customers are expected to furnish their own padlocks.

Climate Control

Some self-storage companies offer climate-controlled units that are designed to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level. This is particularly useful for items that are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, such as electronics, furniture, and artwork.

Packaging and Moving Supplies

Many self-storage companies offer a range of packaging and moving supplies, such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Some companies also offer truck rental services, making it easy for customers to transport their belongings to and from the storage facility.


Self-storage companies may also offer insurance options to protect their customers' belongings in case of damage or theft. Customers can choose from a range of coverage options, depending on the value of the items being stored.

Business Services

In addition to services for individuals, some self-storage companies offer business services, such as mailboxes, conference rooms, and package acceptance. These services are designed to support small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a secure and flexible space to work and store their inventory.


Most self-storage companies offer extended hours, allowing customers to access their storage units at their convenience. Some companies also offer 24/7 access, making it easy to retrieve items outside of regular business hours.

Online Account Management

Many self-storage companies offer online account management, allowing customers to manage their accounts, make payments, and access their units from their computers or mobile devices.

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