Are You A First-Time Self Storage Customer? The Top Tips You Need Right Now

Is this your first experience with self-storage? Even though storage might seem simple, insiders know there are tips and tricks to making the most of this type of off-site option. Before you store, take a look at what first-timers need to know.

You're in Charge

Self-storage services are exactly what the name implies—storage services you are responsible for yourself. While some rental facilities provide full-service options at an additional charge, most require customers to move and organize everything themselves. This means you'll need to:

  • Transport your items to the unit. Whether you have furniture, books, bins, bags, or other items, you're responsible for the transportation. You may need to rent a truck or hire a mover to bring your for-storage selections to the facility.
  • Move everything in. After you arrive at the storage facility, you'll need to carry the items into the unit. A friend, dolly, or professional moving contractor can help to minimize the stress or strain of this physically demanding process.
  • Organize your items. With everything inside the rental unit, you'll need to organize the items.

Even though organization is important, you won't find one universal strategy. The method you use or blueprint you choose (to set up your storage unit) depends on your own personal preference and the items you need to store.

You're the Organization Architect

As a first-time storage customer, you may not know how to organize your items inside the unit. Again, how you organize the storage unit depends on your preferences and the items themselves. While there is an almost endless number of organizational strategies, if you're not sure where to start:

  • Create an inventory. A storage inventory allows you to categorize everything in the unit. Pick themes, create lists (or a spreadsheet), and group items according to where they belong in the storage unit.
  • Put short-term storage items in the front. Do you want to use storage unit services for a short time? If some of your items will come out of storage in weeks or months, move these picks to the front for early access.
  • Leave plenty of pathways. Whether you know you'll need to remove items from storage soon or you just think you might, you need pathways for easy access. Create paths in between the larger items or stacks of boxes and bins.

Always make safety a primary consideration. Never stack boxes or bins into a teetering tower or create trip-and-fall hazards with items placed in pathways or aisles. The safer the setup, the easier it is to use your storage unit.

To learn more, contact a self-storage company.