Embrace The Maternity Wear And Preserve Your Everyday Clothes In Self Storage

Pregnancy is an exciting experience, but unfortunately is also tends to result in the need to wear maternity-friendly clothing at some point. In fact if you're like most women you'll probably have the need to buy bigger clothes by the time you are 20 weeks pregnant, which is when you can expect your upper belly to start showing a baby bulge.

This leaves quite a few months that you'll need to store your everyday clothes in favor of new maternity wear. Here's how to effectively preserve your everyday duds in self storage units so they're fresh and ready for you to wear again after the baby is born:  

Invest in Climate Control

One of the most important things you can do to make sure your clothing, shoes, and accessories stay in good shape while they're stored is to invest in a climate controlled unit. These units maintain constant temperatures to minimize humidity and excessive heat or cold so your clothing won't get moldy, wrinkle badly, or fade. Climate controlled storage units will also keep moisture from building up on any rings or other jewelry you aren't able to wear while you are pregnant.

Use Hanging Bars and Shelves

Place portable hanging closets with wheels on them along one or two walls so you can hang dresses, coats, and anything else that you don't want to get wrinkled. These hanging systems are lightweight and can be quickly moved for easy access to things as you need them. It's also a good idea to put two or three tall bookshelves against a wall to place folded clothing on that doesn't need to be boxed. This will create a space reminiscent of a closet, so you can conveniently find and grab pieces of clothing after the baby is born as you are able to fit into them.

Seal the Delicate Stuff

When it comes to delicate items like sleepwear and formal clothing, it's a good idea to protect it by putting each piece in a zippered plastic bag and pressing the air out of it before sealing it. Then you can place the bags on your shelves or in boxes for safe keeping without having to worry about wear and tear due to changes in the weather. Anything that can be damaged due to an impact of some kind, such as beaded sweaters, should be stored in bubble wrap before being put in a box or on a shelf.

Color Code Accessory Boxes

Anything kept in boxes can be tough to access without having to dig through several different boxes to find a specific item, so consider color coding your boxes to remind you of the general things found in each one. For example you can place a blue sticker or make a mark with a blue felt pen on boxes that hold all of your bathing suits, and mark boxes that hold your bras with red. This will make it easy to grab what you need before you can completely empty the storage space, and also help to keep things organized when you do get ready to take everything home and unpack it.

Keep Shoes Nice and Fresh

To ensure your shoes don't start to smell musty, succumb to moisture, or get crushed, place a commercial shoe freshener ball or homemade freshening bag into each shoe before storing them in sealable plastic storage containers. This will keep them as fresh and new as the day you store them and should even help to keep the entire storage space smelling nice between visits.

These tips and tricks will ensure you don't end up emptying a storage unit of discolored clothing, misshapen shoes, and dull accessories when you're ready to bring it all back home again.