High Quality Storage Units

Whether you are moving into a new home and do not have enough room, or you are just looking for a safe place to keep your belongings, a storage unit is a great option for your extra belongings. There are a lot of great storage units out there, but there are also storage units that are going to give you extra good service. There are aspects that you should look for in your storage unit facility. Here are just a few different characteristics that you should look for in a good storage unit facility.

Pest Control

You do not want your things to end up invaded by different pests, like rodents or insects. Rodents and insects would love to make a couch their new home, but a top notch storage facility is going to make sure that this is not going to happen. Before you put your things in a specific storage unit you may ask the facility manager what exactly they are doing to keep pests out of the units. You can also inspect the storage unit space for any fecal pellets or insects. The good news is that most storage unit facilities are going to have a pest control company spray for the unwanted guests. 

Climate Control

Some of your belongings are going to need to be taken care of in a climate controlled environment, and thus will most likely need to be in an indoor facility. Some of your belongings such as electronics can break if they are subject to multiple freeze and thaw cycles in a year. So, a climate controlled storage unit is important, and there are many facilities that do offer climate controlled units. You can expect the temperature to stay moderate the entire year.


The storage unit facility and the storage unit manager are going to take security very serious. Many of the facilities will have just one entrance that you need a code for. The gate or the fence is usually going to be over six feet tall, and have a razor or barbed wire top. It is also very common to see a storage unit facility with security cameras just for extra precaution. The manager and the facility do not want the name of an unsafe storage unit facility. Also, you will want to make sure that you get a very high-quality lock for your own storage unit door. 

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