2 Tips To Make Sure That Your Vintage Clothing Does Not Develop Mold While In Storage

A self storage unit is used as a popular place to keep vintage clothing because it helps to keep them shielded from any external elements. Vintage clothing that is stored correctly will come out of storage in the same condition in which it went in. However, if your favorite vintage pieces are not stored properly, then you may be greeted with mold damage when you remove them. Mold damage is difficult to care for in regular clothes and vintage clothing makes this even more difficult. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to prevent mold damage. 

Store Moisture Balls with Your Vintage Clothing

Mold damage is often created due to excess moisture in the air. Excess moisture wets the clothing and when the affected clothing is not dried properly this creates mold. In order to prevent this, you need to store moisture balls with your vintage clothing. Moisture balls are designed to create a balance between the right amount of moisture and excess moisture in the air. The balls will suck in any moisture until the unit is at a reasonable moisture level. You can find moisture balls that you can use in storage at a home improvement store. Remember to change out your moisture balls once they stop working.

Only Use Plastic to Vacuum Seal Your Clothing

If you have ever walked into a storage unit, then you may notice that most things are either covered or wrapped in plastic. While plastic is great for protecting against leaks it is also not that great for moisture development. Plastic causes most items to sweat and the excess moisture quickly turn to mold because of lack of airflow. Instead, you should only use plastic if you plan to vacuum seal your clothing. A vacuum seal removes all the air from the plastic so that you do not have to worry about moisture development. If you just want to wrap your clothing, then you should look for material that will allow air flow to pass through it. Cloth fabrics are a good example of a material that would function well in a storage unit.

Dealing with mold damage in your storage unit can be frustrating and costly. Mold usually results in a permanent smell that is difficult to remove from clothing. Therefore, use these tips to ensure your favorite vintage pieces are damaged by mold while in a storage unit.