How To Protect Self Storage Belongings From Mice

If you want to place some items in public storage for long term storage, then you likely want to make sure that the items inside the space remain in good condition throughout the storage period. Packing your items properly and making sure that the space does not contain a great deal of moisture are two things that you should do. You also should think about ways that you can protect your things against pests. Mice can and will make their way into the self storage space if they can. In fact, the environment is often a perfect nesting area due to the quiet and dark nature of the space. Also, storage spaces are usually not visited enough for mice to feel threatened. Mice can make a disastrous mess though, so follow the tips below to make sure they do not find a home amongst your belongings.

Close Small Openings

Most self storage spaces have three steel walls and a sliding door on the front. While the vast majority of units are closed off tightly to reduce flooding and other damage concerns, some units may have tiny openings where the steel walls meet or where they attach to the door and the roof. Unfortunately, a single mouse can fit into a space that is as small around as a dime. If the mouse is female, she can have as many as 20 babies within a year that can also infest the space. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure that all openings, even the tiniest ones, are completely blocked off.

To find open spaces within the storage space, visit during the day and pull the door down most of the way while standing in the space. Look for any areas where sunlight shines into the open area. Take note of these areas. Once they are found, go to your local home store and purchase materials to close off the openings. Mice can chew through any material that is softer than their teeth. This means that you will need hard materials like metal epoxy and steel hardware cloth to close the openings. Steel wool should also be used to fill in bigger spaces.

After your purchase the materials, use steel wool to fill in openings and cut a piece of hardware cloth that will extend several inches on all sides of the opening. Open your metal epoxy packaging, place the end of the syringe in the epoxy, and pull up the syringe plunger. Create a small bead of adhesive around each opening that sits about one half inch inside of it. Press the hardware cloth into place afterwards. 

Seal Off Your Belongings

When you go to pack your things to place them in your self storage unit, it is vital that you use the right containers to prevent damage if mice do get into your space. Cardboard boxes should be completely avoided since mice will chew through the paper to use the material for a nest. Mice can chew through some plastic materials as well if you opt for inexpensive and softer acrylic, nylon, or polythene types of containers. You can avoid this issue by looking for packing containers that are made from tough types of plastic like polypropylene. This material is typically used to make syringes, car parts, and outdoor chairs. Melamine and PVC are options as well if you can find containers made out of these materials. Typically, containers that are labeled as highly impact resistant and crush proof are good options. So are plastic containers that are meant for industrial uses.

For any item that you cannot place in a storage bin, think about using extra hardware cloth to cover them. For furniture items and other bigger items that cannot be covered, think about spreading a small amount of peppermint or tea tree oil on or around the belongings. Both of these oils release scents that are considered unpleasant to mice.